Recovery Pitch Scam

Recovery pitch scams target people who have been scammed in the past by other scams. A well-known recovery pitch scam is the Tech Support Scam where scammers claim that they will remove viruses and other online threats from a victim’s computer, for a fee. If the victim agrees to receive the tech support the scammer is claiming to provide, the scammer often claims that the company has filed for bankruptcy and offers the victim a refund. The scammer then requests access to the victim’s computer in order to process the refund through an online banking platform. Once the scammer has gained access to the victim’s computer and online banking, the scammer often transfers money from the victim’s bank account(s) to their own and or steals the financial information of the victim.

Now it’s your turn!

Recovery Pitch Scam Clues
  • Be careful about replying to phone calls, text messages, or emails that claim you have a pending refund.
  • Someone contacts you to tell you that there is a virus or malware on your computer.
Recovery Pitch Scam Defence
  • Never make payments using a gift card.
  • Do not give out your online banking information to anyone.
  • Never pay money in order to receive a refund.
  • Never give an unknown individual access to your computer or device.
  • When getting your computer serviced, be sure you are using a reputable business.

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