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Miracle Cure and Medical Scam

A fraudulent products and services scam is any scam where false or misleading claims are being made by an advertiser. Also, if the product or service is being sold as a “miracle cure” when there is no substance to back up that claim.
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The first step is to identify the fraud. In the video above, were you able to hear the clues in the story and detect the Miracle Cure and Medical Scam? The next step is to prevent the scammer from victimizing you or others. If you encounter a similar situation, use these tools to protect yourself from this type of fraud.
Miracle Cure and Medical Scam Clues
  • The ad make outlandish claims that seem too good to be true
  • Ads that make claims without citing evidence
  • Certain products and services, such as natural or “new age” health products / services”, are not regulated, which makes it harder to distinguish which are legitimate and which are not
Miracle Cure and Medical Scam Defence
  • More scam websites pop up around the holidays when more people are shopping online
  • Research the claims being made
  • Read the fine print
Now it’s your turn!

TEST YOUR DEFENCE AGAINST THE Miracle Cure and Medical Scam

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