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Rental Scam

Rental property listing scams typically aim to steal money from interested renters. They’ll try to get you to send a check for a security deposit or move-in fee without ever seeing the apartment, and they’ll keep the money without any intention of renting a unit to you.
  • The scammer wants you to rent without physically viewing the property. They don’t really own the property they want you to rent.
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The first step is to identify the fraud. In the video above, were you able to hear the clues in the story and detect the Rental Scam? The next step is to prevent the scammer from victimizing you or others. If you encounter a similar situation, use these tools to protect yourself from this type of fraud.
Rental Scam Clues
  • They don’t want to meet you.
  • They don’t want to, or say they can’t, show you the property.
  • They ask for rent or security payments before you sign a lease.
  • They don’t show you the lease before you pay. They want your personal information and credit card or banking information before you sign.
  • The price is too good to be true.
  • The listing has typos, poor word usage, excessive punctuation.
  • They pressure you to move in immediately.
Rental Scam Defence
  • Never rent a property without meeting the owner and seeing the property.
  • Insist on seeing the Terms and Conditions of the lease.
  • Professional landlords have good screening processes, e.g., a credit check and/or employment check. If there is no screening process, do not pay them anything.
  • Don’t accept online or video viewing. Insist on seeing it yourself.
  • Insist on meeting with the landlord and seeing the property in person.
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