Sextortion Scam

Sextortion occurs when a youth of any gender is threatened online by an individual who is claiming that they have a sexual image or video of the youth and that the victim must send more sexual images or money in order to have these sexual images not sent to other people. In short, sextortion is a form of blackmail.

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Sextortion Scam Clues
  • A sextorter provides youth with an offer such as money or a physical prize in exchange for a sexual image or video.
  • A sextorter threatens the youth or aggressively demands for sexual images or videos.
  • The sextorter creates multiple social media accounts to target the youth.
  • The sextorter demands that the youth/victim creates additional social media accounts which may be used by the sextorter to victimize more youth.
  • A sextorter threatens the youth that inappropriate images of the youth or claims against the youth will be shared with their school, parents, other schools, newspaper, and other organizations.
Sextortion Scam Defence
  • Stop communicating with the sextorter and deactivate (but not delete) the youth’s social media account that was being used by the sextorter to contact the youth.
  • Do not comply or agree to the sextorter’s requests.
  • Talk to a trusted adult and/or organization for help. Some examples include,, or your local police force.
  • Keep information about the situation such as the sextorter’s username(s), copy of communications, images or videos that were sent to the sextorter.

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