Bank Investigator Scam

Bank investigator scams are when a fraudster poses as a representative from a financial institution or law enforcement agency and claims that there has been suspicious activity on your bank account or credit card from an online purchase, in-store purchase, or overseas transfer. The fraudster often claims that they require your bank account information in order to cancel the charge and that they require access to your computer in order to further investigate the charge. The fraudster then usually asks the victim to be part of the investigation and the victim is asked to send money to the overseas victim as part of the victim’s duty in this “investigation”. The victim of this type of scam loses the money that they transferred to the overseas victim.

Now it’s your turn!

Bank Investigator Scam Clues
  • Bank investigator scams normally happen early in the morning when people are still sleeping or are not very alert.
  • Financial institutions or online merchants will never ask you to transfer money to an external account.
  • Call-spoofing is often used by these fraudsters. Do not immediately assume that the phone number that is displayed on call display is accurate.
Bank Investigator Scam Defence
  • Never provide unauthorized persons with remote access to your computer.
  • Never send money overseas to someone you don’t know.

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