Violent Extortion Text Message Scam

Violent extortion scams are scams where fraudsters attempt to obtain money, property, or service from a victim through deception, intimidation, false claims, or scare tactics. Violent extortion text messages are text messages that victims may receive claiming that a victim has used a service that the victim has not paid for and if the victim does not pay the fraudster, the victim and their family may be targeted and harmed. Some of these messages may even include photos of weapons as an attempt to intimidate and scare victims. In the majority of cases, victims that have received these text messages have never used the service that the fraudster is claiming that the victim used.

Now it’s your turn!

Violent Extortion Text Message Scam Clues
  • Remember that high-pressure intimidation is a common technique used by fraudsters in an attempt to scam victims.
  • Be wary of unsolicited messages, threatening messages, and messages that accuse you owe money for an item or service.
Violent Extortion Text Message Scam Defence
  • If you receive a message that threatens violence, report it to your local law enforcement agency immediately.
  • Never reply to threatening messages.
  • Never send money to someone just because you are being pressured to do so.

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