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Lottery Scam

The scammer wants you to believe you were specially selected to receive something that is too good to be true. They want you to give them money upfront in exchange for a “promise” that you’ll get something wonderful for free. They want to appeal to greed and the hope that it’s your lucky day. In Canada, if you win a lottery, the winnings are free – there are no taxes, no administration fees.
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The first step is to identify the fraud. In the video above, were you able to hear the clues in the story and detect the Lottery Scam? The next step is to prevent the scammer from victimizing you or others. If you encounter a similar situation, use these tools to protect yourself from this type of fraud.
Lottery Scam Clues
  • Look at all the Terms and Conditions of anything you are being offered. If there are no Terms and Conditions, it’s a sign of a scam.
  • Check to see if the lottery or sweepstake is registered in Canada.
  • If they claim you were chosen at random, where did they get your information?
Lottery Scam Defence
  • Never send money to get money. The scammer will not only take your money; they now have your personal and financial information too. All Alberta Lottery winnings are free to collect and are tax free.
  • Never transfer money for anyone you don't personally know and have verified it is who you think it is.
  • Talk to someone you know and trust about the job offer. Beware of claims that guarantee income but ask for money upfront to process your application – these are scams.
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