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COVID-19 Vaccine Scam

Since the start of the pandemic, fraudsters have been bombarding consumers with pitches for phony remedies, and that’s unlikely to abate even with COVID-19 vaccines now widely available. The scammer wants you to believe that you can get a Covid-19 vaccine more easily, if you are willing to pay a sum of money. They want you to believe they are working for the Government of Canada or your provincial government.
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The first step is to identify the fraud. In the video above, were you able to hear the clues in the story and detect the COVID-19 Vaccine Scam? The next step is to prevent the scammer from victimizing you or others. If you encounter a similar situation, use these tools to protect yourself from this type of fraud.
COVID-19 Vaccine Scam Clues
  • Requests that you pay out of pocket to receive a shot
  • Ads for vaccines on websites, social media, emails or phone calls
  • Marketers offering to sell or ship doses of COVID vaccines
COVID-19 Vaccine Scam Defence
  • Don't purchase a vaccine. In Canada, vaccines are free and readily available.
  • Check with Alberta Health Services for vaccines or call your doctor.
  • Help keep your loved ones safe by making sure they stay alert to these scams.
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