Service Canada / 1 800 O-Canada Scam

How do you know that a legitimate representative from Service Canada, 1 800 O-Canada, or another government agency is trying to contact you for legitimate reasons? 

It is important to remember that a legitimate representative from Service Canada, 1 800 O-Canada or another government agency will not

  • Ask you for personal information such as your Social Insurance Number, bank account number, or passport number over the phone, by email, or by text message.
  • Send you text messages or emails that ask you to complete a financial transaction (i.e. deposit government benefits, pay taxes, etc.).

It is also important to note that

  • 1 800 O-Canada normally does not make unsolicited attempts to contact people.
  • It is rare for Service Canada to contact you regarding Government of Canada services or benefits.
  • Both 1 800 O-Canada and Service Canada only send you information via the contact methods that you have signed up for (e.g. email).

If you are unsure if 1 800 O-Canada or Service Canada has attempted to contact you for legitimate reasons, contact 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232) and inquire about the person who contacted you and the reason that they contacted you.

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