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Political Fundraising Scam

A caller claims to be with a particular political party, but has no proof that your money will go to that party. The scammer wants to convince you that you must donate to your candidate on the phone by credit card right this minute.
They want to frighten you with made up consequences that won’t really happen to get you to donate right now.

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The first step is to identify the fraud. In the video above, were you able to hear the clues in the story and detect the Political Fundraising Scam? The next step is to prevent the scammer from victimizing you or others. If you encounter a similar situation, use these tools to protect yourself from this type of fraud.
Political Fundraising Scam Clues
  • If the caller is aggressive it's likely a scam.
  • They ask for your donation to be given to them on gift cards or sent by wire.
  • They should not ask for personal information other than whether you are registered to vote and who you plan to vote for.
Political Fundraising Scam Defence
  • Never give your credit card to any one who calls you. Call a publically published campaign number to donate.
  • If they ask for your credit card don't do it. Call back on a number you get from a phone book or the internet, but don't give your credit card to anyone who calls you.
  • Don’t provide private information to political canvassers.
Now it’s your turn!

TEST YOUR DEFENCE AGAINST THE Political Fundraising Scam

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