Police Warn of Emergency Scam

Edmonton City Police have joined forces with Calgary City Police and RCMP to release information about the Emergency Scam. This is also known as the grandparent scam. In 2022 Albertans have lost more than $3.5 million. 

The callers often claim to be relatives, but also police officers, lawyers or judges seeking money for bail or an emergency, said RCMP Cpl. Sean Milne, an investigator with the Mounties’ serious and organized crime unit.


“To prevent people from falling victim to these particular scams, we remind everyone to always be suspicious when anyone is asking for personal information or money over the phone or by text message, email or social media,” Milne said.

Edmonton Police Detective Pierre Lemire warns that ” going to arrest our way out of this.” Lemire said. “We need to advise vulnerable people that this is happening so that they’re aware of the scam and can prevent it.”

Follow the link for more information regarding this scam in Alberta. https://bit.ly/3Pxt9Rn 



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